God has given us the Authority and Power to Tread, Trample and CRUSH on Serpents, Scorpions, and all OBSTACLES, also over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.


    He is also our Ocean Divider who would neither allow the great sea nor the river Jordan to constitute an OBSTACLE to redeem His age-long promise to we His people.

  • (Album) Oore Nla (Great Kindness) – Kenny Ologoara Mamasax

    Evang. Kenny Ologoara Mamasax the Nigeria-based gospel music minister, recording artist, and prolific song-writer releases another album titled “Oore Nla” (Great Kindness)


    Am a living testimony to this for the wonderful things GOD ALMIGHTY has done for me and still doing, it’s so amazing and glorifying… All this is beyond my imagination for HE says and I believe “I will showeth Mercy unto whom I will showeth Mercy unto…”


    His faithfulness is Incomparable for His Mighty Hands have been strengthening me.


    He is my “Rock of Ages” when the storm nearly drew me into a sinking ground He showeth Himself to me as an Everlasting God that never fails.


    Olorun yìí kò ha ti se Oore Nlá fún mi bí ?_ Yes, He has done it all and may His Name be glorify forever.


    Album Track List

    1. Oore Nla
    2. Oro Ajoso Wa
    3. Maro Mi Pin
    4. S’Ayanmo Mi Ni

    5. Sax Stunt


    Preview Short Clip

  • Olorun Aiyeraye (Album) – Kenny Ologoara Mamasax

    Evang. Kenny Ologoara Mamasax the phenomenal Nigeria-based gospel music minister and recording artist releases her long-awaited album titled “Olorun Aiyeraye”


    Album Track List
    1. Alapanla
    2. He Changeth Not
    3. Mo Ti Bo Tan Pata
    4. Olorun Aiyeraye


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  • UNLIMITED GOD (Single) – Ken Kenechukwu

    The song “Unlimited God” is not just an ordinary song but a spirit-filled song with its inspiration from the third heaven.


    It is a message of life, truth, and word from God reminding his children that he is still very close and ready to hear and answer if only we can call him by his name from the depth of our hearts.


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    Instagram: Kenkenechukwu_kenken
    Facebook: Ken Kenechukwu
    Twitter: kennethofulue
    TikTok: Kennethkenechukw7
    Tel: 09016647507

  • GRACE (Album) – Seun Oladele

    Sensational Gospel Music Artist and prolific songwriter Seun Oladele unleashes his debut album titled “GRACE” This album reflects the magnitude and significance of God’s grace in our lives.


    Album Track List

    1. Amazing Love 2. Close To You

    3. Spirit 4. I Believe

    5. Our Help 6. Thank You

    7. You Know Me Better 8. No One Like You


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  • JESUS (Single) – LAURA ABIOS

    JESUS – Experience the Glory of God and His Goodness, Favour, Open Doors, and every good thing you seek as you worship God with this new song – “JESUS”. He has done it before He will do it for you in “JESUS” name; AMEN
    Just believe and Trust in the Name “JESUS” and live in the Miraculous all your life.
  • Ori Mi (My Destiny) – Opeyemi Adeyemi, Abiodun Moyosore & Segun Oladeji

    At every height, level, stage, and achievement in one’s life, we all have a vital role to play. Our mindset towards any goal matters the most

    What you say is who you are.

    This song will take you through the process of positive declarations. You want to wake up each day with great expectations, hope, and assurance that all will be well. This is one of the deciding factors in your speed of success, in the journey of life.

    Don’t forget that without faith it is impossible to please God.

  • DELIGHT – Enkay Ogboruche feat. Judikay

    DELIGHT is an embodiment of our testimony in Christ as believers. It casts light on the unwavering love that God has for us. Culled from and inspired by Isaiah 64:4, DELIGHT will fan the flames of the love of the father in your heart as you listen and cause you to walk in the revelation of how Christ sees us
  • So Glorious (Album) – Tayo Oyewole

    Tayo Oyewole the phenomenal Nigeria based gospel music minister caps off 2022 with the release of a brand new album song of gratitude titled “SO GLORIOUS”

    God is glorious. “There is no one so marvelous, glorious and gracious like God.”

    Ep- Track List
    1. Anu Olorun Ni | 2. O Jinde | 3. Oba Wa Ni
    4. So Glorious


    So Glorious (Album) – Tayo Oyewole


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